tech details

This page contains a lot of additional info that is worth noting but does not necessarily fit into the other categories. Sooner or later we will most likely restructure our docs, but for now you can find here "what we also wanted to say."

API timeouts

All files will be automatically removed after a time period of 60 minutes.

Accessing the service from a browser

You can use the service with Javascript from modern browsers as it implements the CORS standard (compare the auto-generated JS code examples; e.g., the process/reverb example). Alternatively, you can use either JSONP or XMLP with GET-requests.

How RESTful is the API?

Although our API design was based on REST ideas, it does not strictly follow all REST principles. The main digressions are:

  • we don't use URIs to identify resources, file resources are identified using a GET/POST parameter
  • we don't force you to use the right HTTP verbs - you are able to start processing tasks which create a resource using a GET request
  • we don't use the content negotiation mechanism to detect the content type for the response, but rather a simple GET/POST parameter "format"
  • we do our authentification via GET/POST parameters where as a HTTP header would be more elegant

Our goal was to make all API features available even with the simplest http clients available. You won't need cookies, access to request and response headers or advanced HTTP methods: Everything can be done just by constructing and requesting an URL.