error codes

Code Message Description
10 Invalid number of parameters A required parameter is missing.
11 Invalid parameter name A parameter name is unknown.
12 Invalid parameter value A parameter has either the wrong type or its value is outside the specified range.
22 Invalid file The file is either corrupt or has an unsupported format. Possible reasons: unknown coding, more than two audio channels, ...
23 Insufficient audio file Audio either too short or doesn't contain enough information to estimate tempo and beats.
24 File URL not allowed The URL given cannot be used for a file upload. Possible reasons: access_id is restricted.
30 Blocked access_id The access_id is currently blocked. Please contact support.
31 Invalid access_id The access_id is missing or invalid.
40 Traffic limit reached The traffic limit of your user is reached. Please see pricing for more contingent.

HTTP Status Codes

Code Description
200 OK.
201 File was created. File Id and location in HTTP header.
400 Bad request. See detailed description in the response .
401 Unauthorized. access_id invalid or blocked.
403 Forbidden. Operation not allowed for this access_id or traffic limit of user exceeded.
404 Not found.
409 File operation is still in progress.
413 File too large. Uploads are restricted to a maximum size of 50MB.
500 Internal Server Error. Retry request later.
503 Service temporarily unavailable, too busy or rate/connection limit exceeded. Become a premium user to ensure you dont run into limits